5 Best Hosting For WordPress

With over 65.893 million websites on WordPress.com, and at least 120 million more websites using WordPress as CMS, WordPress is no doubt the most powerful and popular content management system in the world.

Its simplicity, elegance, ease of use, and flexibility have earned WordPress its rightful throne as king of CMS on our planet. So how good is this WordPress?

You see, the world’s most popular sites like CNN Blog, TED, TechCrunch, Forbes Blog, Reuters Blog, CNN Blog, Elle Girl and countless other sites are powered by WordPress. Then there are many other non-blog websites of all sort powered by WordPress too.

So what can you create using WordPress? Well, everything you can imagine. From small brochure-type sites to large-scale eCommerce sites, you can create anything and everything in between.

But of course, if you are already looking for WordPress hosting, you already know that. We are just warming you up to tell you that you can aim for Moon when you are with WordPress.

So if you are looking to build a high traffic site on WordPress, and focus on publishing rather than tweaking, then you will want real kick-ass hosting company that specializes in WordPress. Guess what? We specialize in reviewing them! So here are top 5 hosting companies for WordPress, right after the break.

Ah wait, before that, we want to tell you that in this specific list, #2 to #5 ranking doesn’t mean they are bad. All five of them are awesome in their own rights. The ranking is more arbitrary for this list.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 wpengine-logo $29/mo Visit Site
2 vpsnet $20/mo Visit Site
3 websynthesis-logo $27/mo Visit Site
4 pagely-logo $24/mo Visit Site
5 Westhost_logo $4/mo Visit Site

Winner – WPEngine – From $29/month


Here is a thing. You may not be technically proficient enough to configure a few nodes of cloud servers yourself. And maybe you can’t hire a sysadmin to do the job for you. Plus you simply want to publish kick-ass contents, because after all, that’s your expertise. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to using horrific shared hosting services for your WordPress site. On the contrary, there are hosting solutions that specialize only for WordPress and take away all your worries. WPEngine is top notch among them, and sites like Foursquare, Soundcloud and HTC rely on WPEngine to host their blogs. That should tell a lot about WPEngine’s credibility.

There are four pricing plans to choose from, starting with $29 a month for personal plan, which lets you have 1 WordPress site and 25,000 visits a month. Data transfer is unlimited and storage is 10GB. You don’t have to worry about a single thing, since WPEngine will take care of updates, security patches, backups, memory caching, page caching, database-caching, object-caching, multi-server solutions with load balancing, CDN, firewall and a whopping 100% uptime guarantee. Yes, 100%! If your site gets more traffic, simply scale up to higher tier plans which cost $99 and $249 a month respectively, which includes ability to host more WordPress sites and more traffic.

We have thoroughly tested WPEngine and now in love with it. The speed is ridiculously fast (can tune to milliseconds of load time according to Pingdom), and it won’t slow down even with thousands of concurrent users in a load test. It beats every competitor in the industry for sure. Oh and they have 60 days money back guarantee too!

Visit WPEngine

2. VPS.NET – From $20/month


With cloud servers spanning the entire globe, VPS.NET is a premier web hosting company with specialized focus on cloud VPS hosting. It is definitely not for someone who only knows shared hosting, but if you are looking for top notch performance and amazing flexibility at your fingertips, then VPS.NET is definitely a choice. They have cloud VPS as well as Elastic Cloud hosting, which easily lets you scale up and down depending on the load. That allows a lot of flexibility since you can scale up or down to use the resources you need, not extra or leave you longing for more.

Their service range starts with 1.2GHz CPU, 376MB dedicated RAM, 10GB storage space and 1TB bandwidth – all for just $20 a month. Much better than MediaTemple Grid Service, we must say. And how much can they scale? A lot, we would say. With Elastic Cloud service, it can scale up to 24GHz CPU, 15040MB RAM, 400GB storage and 40TB bandwidth. All of that will only cost you $416 a month!. With VPS cloud plans, just for $140 a month you will get 12GHz CPU, 3760MB RAM, 100GB storage and 30TB bandwidth.

Now if you are looking for WordPress hosting, then you will be elated to know that they have application-specific cloud hosting plans as well, with WordPress a chief among them. There are three plans to choose from, which start from $53. You will get 2.4GHz CPU, 752MB RAM, 20GB storage for that. You can definitely choose higher tier plans if your site has more traffic. All WordPress Cloud VPS servers run on Ubuntu, and comes with preconfigured APC, memcache, Varnish, automatic backups, and instant scalability. Oh and all plans let you choose 20 different locations for you to host! Now beat that!


3. Web Synthesis – From $27/month


If you have been blogging for awhile, chances are, you have heard of Copyblogger website and maybe also about their StudioPress themes based on Genesis framework. You see, Copyblogger is a site that receives millions of hits every month. It is a behemoth in blogging industry. But their hosting infrastructure can take it with a giggle. How? Because they invest heavily in infrastructure and work with people who are experienced in optimizing best possible hosting environment for WordPress.

Sure, managed WordPress hosting maybe not for anyone (definitely not for those with ultra tight budget). But if you are serious WordPress site owner with your website playing critical role in your business, you will want to go with wholly managed solution, which is what Synthesis is.  They have optimized everything, especially to run Genesis framework themes as well as general WordPress installations. Monitoring, regular schooled backups and amazing support, and dedicated VPS are also what you will get.

There are four plans for you to choose from, with Starter plan costing at just $27 a month. You get 3GB storage and 1 domains to host. This plan can handle estimated 2,500 unique visitors a day. Awesome features like self-healing process and uptime management are already there, along with other plans too. If you go Professional plan, which cost $97 a month, then you will get 1GB dedicated memory, 40GB storage and 2 domains to host. Now this plan can handle around 20,000 daily unique visitors. That’s pretty good amount! Higher tier plans sport more resources and can handle heavier traffic really well.

Visit WebSynthesis

4. Page.ly – From $24/month


Page.ly is also a popular WordPress hosting company that specializes only in it. It does what WPEngine does and they are probably on par with the company, although we don’t really like the limitations it places on bandwidth and storage at each pricing plans. Servers are running on NGINX backend and use Varnish as fronted so the speed is really fast, and they utilize CDN very well too.

However, the features on personal plans are a bit limited, although understandable since it’s starter plan among available ones. You will be paying $24 a month for personal plan, which is alright for a small site or blog. You get an enterprise DNS, 10GB bandwidth and 5GB storage. 25,000 visitors are allowed. Business plan allows 200,000 monthly visitors, and provide 50GB bandwidth with 15GB storage for $64 a month. You will get free migration assistance, Edgecast CDN and dedicated IP address on top of Enterprise DNS. Professional plan costs $149 a month, and you will be allowed a whopping 750,000 visitors a month as well as 100GB bandwidth (seriously?) and 35GB storage. All advanced features from Business plan are included plus you can host WordPress MultiSite on Professional plan. All plans are backed by 30-day money back guarantee so you can easily test them out.

Visit Page.ly

5. WestHost – From $4


If you are not really looking for any managed WordPress hosting or even a cloud VPS, but a shared hosting optimized for WordPress as well as any other kinds of website, then you may want to take a look into Westhost. A sister company to VPS.NET, WestHost is uber reliable and their customer support is pretty amazing. So if you are just starting out without a lot of traffic, WestHost is something you should go with. When you grow, you can move to VPS.NET or Synthesis, or even WPEngine.

For $4 a month, Personal Hosting plan will get you 50GB storage and 1000GB bandwidth, as well as 1 database so you can technically only install 1 WordPress installation. $8 a month will be Preferred Hosting, which comes with 200GB storage and 2000GB bandwidth. Business Hosting is just $12 a month, and comes with unlimited resources as well as free domain, dedicated IP and SSL certificate. Both Preferred and Business Hosting plans can host unlimited websites.

Visit WestHost


Here you go, the greatest hosting companies specialize in WordPress. Seriously, you can’t find anything better than them. If you want to find options for more VPS or dedication solutions, or shared hosting, then head on to our hosting services comparison tool to find out more.


Rank Provider Starting Price
1 wpengine-logo $29/mo Visit Site
2 vpsnet $20/mo Visit Site
3 websynthesis-logo $27/mo Visit Site
4 pagely-logo $24/mo Visit Site
5 Westhost_logo $4/mo Visit Site

Published 2013-05-19
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